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The 2019 erbacce-prize for poetry selection-team have a winner.


A HUGE thank-you to the close-to eight thousand poets who participated.



NUMBERS: This year we had more entries than ever; just under eight thousand submissions for the erbacce-prize and as always we have had entries from every country in the world. We narrowed it down to a long list which we list below and also have an outright winner plus no less than THREE runners-up (Sorry; we just couldn't split them).


WHY THE ERBACCE-PRIZE? The reasons why so many poets support the erbacce-prize is that it is free-to-enter AND (most importantly) it is totally unbiased. If you're a big-name poet it makes no difference because the judges/selectors never see the name of the poet, where they are from or even their gender until we get down to the final few. If you win the erbacce prize for poetry then you know you really won it purely on merit and NOT because some Capital-driven publisher thinks they can cash-in on a big name.


MALE/FEMALE: Insofar as we can tell from names there appears to be a slight increase in submissions from Males which is different to the past five years when we had about 5% more female submissions. All-in-all though the balance is still just a little short of 50/50. Also submissions from the UK have increased, probably due to the publicity given to the erbacce-prize from The Poetry Library and other publishers for which we are grateful.


Our winner will receive a publishing contract with erbacce for publication of his/her works in a perfect-bound book, the three  runners-up will be offered a chap-book or perhaps a perfect-bound, then we selected four poets to be featured poets in our quarterly journal, as featured poet one half of the journal will be devoted entirely to their poems and an interview with one of the erbacce-judges.


WARNING for anyone submitting in the future! Despite REPEATED requests over the years to ensure your email address actually MATCHES your REAL NAME many submissions did not meet this standard request. EVEN some of these in the winners' lists. IF (for example) we choose Aaron Kent as a winner then to notify him we will look for Aaron Kent in the email lists. If it doesn't appear to be there then we'll delete him and move to the next poet! If you are on the list below then PLEASE CHECK you have a recognisable email address and contact us if necessary.


And to those eight thousand others who never made the cut; don’t lose heart, the standard is VERY high and exactly what constitutes ‘great poetry’ is debatable.


Here is a FULL list of the poets we shortlisted and believe me the debate was passionate. Following the list below we announce the full list of the eight poets (Just had a thought; we had eight thousand submissions so each is at least; one-in-a-thousand!)


Aashika Suresh: India                        

Adam Levon Brown: USA

Adele Evershed: USA                          

Amelia Walker: UK                            

Amy Hayhurst: UK                                

Amy McGinn: Eire                                

Andrea Ferrari Kristeller: Argentina              

Angela Platt: Wales

Ben John Sears: Wales

Bernard Lord: France

Bill Lythgoe: UK                                

Caroline Maldonado: UK                          

Charlotte Linda Gormley: UK

Cheryl Skory Suma: Canada

Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto: Nigeria

Clementine Ewokolo Burnley: Germany          

Colin Dardis: Ireland

Darcy Woodbury: USA

David Holper: USA                              

Denni Turp: Wales                                

Des Mannay: Wales                              

Dominic James: UK

Don A. Hoyt: USA

Drew Pisarra: USA                                

Elana Rubin: USA                            

P Atkinson: UK

Fabiyas M V: India                            

Faustino A. Guerrero: USA

George Beddow: UK

Gerry Stewart: Finland

Gili Haimovich: Israel

Heilien Diedericks: UK

J.W. Iwanski: USA

Jane Katherine Angué: France                                        

Jim Bohen: USA                              

Jo Weston: UK

Joe Osmond: UK

John Paul Davies: Ireland                        

Julie Fisher: UK

Karen Tobias-Green: UK

Konstandinos Mahoney: UK                

Lauren Rea: UK                                                                        

Laurence Bainbridge: UK                        

Laurence Morris: UK

Linda Burnett: UK

LindaAnn LoSchiavo: USA                        

Lisa J Asmat Johnson: UK  

Lisa Lopresti: UK  

Lorna Elizabeth Wood: USA

Louis D. Lo Praeste: USA

Luke David Brand: UK

Mara Adamitz Scrupe: USA                      

Margarita Serafimova: Bulgaria              

Maria Louise Borland: UK                  

Martin Kerr: UK

Martin Nathan: UK                              

Matthew Birch: UK                            

Mervyn Linford: UK

Minney Richani: Australia                          

Moss Peri: UK

Myles Dunnett: UK

Natalie House: UK                              

Neil Beardmore: UK

Ojo Taiye: Nigeria                          

Onis Sampson: Nigeria

P Atkinson: UK

Patrick William Green: UK                      

Peggy Landsman: USA

Peter D Lyons: Eire                          

Ray Malone: Germany                        

Rebecca R Jay: USA

Rebecca Ruth Gould: UK

Roderick A Scott: Scotland

Roderick Manson: Scotland

Rodney Wood: UK                                                          

Roger Elkin: UK                            

Roshni Gallagher: UK                            

Rumjhum K Biswas: India

Samuel Zane Farrell: USA

Sanjeev Sethi: India

Sarah Barr: UK                                

Scott Elder: France                            

Selma Cardoso Carvalho: UK                                          

Thomas E. Irvine: UK

Tracey Ball: Italy                                

Ugonna-Ora Owoh: Nigeria

Uma Menon: USA                                

Vishal Gulati: UK

Welton B. Marsland: Australia

Zahra Khan: Ireland  


AND... the WINNER is:

P D Lyons  


The selectors thought his work to be unpresumptuous, understated, witty  and studied …two judges spoke also of the ‘gut-emotion’ of his poetry with one adding: ‘…there is an unpretentious passion and a way with written sound reminiscent of Thomas …some of his poetry is like hot buttered toast which coats the senses with a delicious warmth that pulls you in, forms connections with the reader's perception and keeps them, strong and taught until the last line is read.’


We debated long and late about a runner-up but in the end (when the bottle of Bushmills lay empty) we had to conclude we couldn't separate no less than THREE other poets; they are:

Zahra Khan, Mara Adamitz Scrupe & Ojo Taiye


The final four; who will be interviewed and highlighted in the quarterly erbacce journal are:

Margarita Serafimova, Scott Elder, Jo Weston & Des Mannay...


...and that's it for 2019! If you missed the cut this time start planning ahead for the erbacce-prize 2020... and thanks once again to the eight thousand world-wide who participated... you are ALL winners to someone...